Will Saul & Tee Mango - Primitive Trust (AUS116)

Will Saul & Tee Mango - Primitive Trust (AUS116)


Primitive Trust is the meshing of two experienced musical minds, Will Saul of the influential Aus Music Empire and Tom Mangan, aka Tee Mango, the producer behind Millionhands record and clothing label.

Using only the gear they had (MPC 2000, Ableton, Roland 101, Juno, Fender Rhodes, various FX pedals), they set about to work to create tracks with a commitment to trusting their instincts and to go with their feelings. They would embrace ‘randomness’ and if in doubt would ask ‘what would Carl do?’.

The result is a series of Three EP’s to be released over the course of four months. Each EP will feature two or three original tracks and one fresh remix, with unique artwork and an illustration by all-around visual auteur Geoff Mcfetridge.

With an ease that comes from experience and using the building blocks of house and classic techno, Primitive Trust can do zoned out and romantic as much as driving and heady. While tipping their proverbial hats to the past they also look to the future, mixing samples, wigged out synthwork and propulsive rhythms to create something honest and heartfelt that will stand the test of time’.

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