Helena Hauff - Return To Disorder (PANZERKREUZ1028)

Helena Hauff - Return To Disorder (PANZERKREUZ1028)


1. Spirals Of Smoke Drifting From Soot Stained Chimneys
2. Message From Filippo
3. Blast!
4. Кораблъ—макет
5. We Only Want Tragedy
6. Sea Shore Acid

Helena Hauff’s 2014 EP Return To Disorder gets the reissue treatment from Bunker offshoot Panzerkreuz (Legowelt, Ekman). Conceived back when she was running riot at Hamburg’s Golden Pudel club, the six tracks here are some brutalised acid techno best experienced in the very darkest of rooms. Reminiscent of Bunker bad boys Unit Moebius.

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