Domestic Documents Vol. 1 (DD01)

Domestic Documents Vol. 1 (DD01)


“The first volume in an ongoing series compiled by Sleep D’s Butter Sessions and NTS Radio show-cum-record label Noise In My Head, Domestic Documents surveys independent artists who are living and producing electronic abstractions in Australia.

Far from a complete guide to the country’s burgeoning scene, the 2LP set presents a cross section of wide ranging sounds and ideas, travelling the endless highways between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, as well as regional towns Ballarat and Keyneton.

Featuring exclusive tracks from Daze, Mic Mills, Albrecht La’Brooy, Lucy Cliche and more, the comp also marks the first vinyl outing for newer comers Chiara Kickdrum, Ben Keynes and fresh Dan White/Ryan Hunter collaboration Turner Street Sound.”

1.Albrecht La’Brooy – Hospital Road
2. Chiara Kickdrum – Liquid Vision
3. Cale Sexton – Room With A VU
4. Multiple Man – Self Servant
5. Lucy Cliche – Other World
6. Daze – Vision Suite
7. Mic Mills – Nostory
8. Low Flung – Quietreakin Outly
9. Ben Keynes – Strains
10. Mosam Howieson – 104
11. Turner Street Sound – Stoned Mix

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