Denis Sulta - Sulta Selects 3

Denis Sulta - Sulta Selects 3


“Dennis Sulta's Selects series, in which he shares some of the secret, home-made weapons that have been lighting up his sets for years, has previously provided DJs with some seriously hot peak-time tools. Predictably, there's more to be found on Volume 3. Check, for example, "D_K_Y (But I Do)", a disco-fired slammer that starts out as a dusty but life-affirming re-edit before turning into a heavyweight, groove-based loop-jam midway through. Over on the flipside, Sulta serves up a distortion-soaked, extreme filter-disco thumper rich in rewind sounds and cut-up samples ("L_M_Y_S_A (Love is Subjective Remix)") before working his magic on a stone cold disco classic on "L_Y_A_R_S (Forever Mix)". As you'd expect, all three tracks have been thoroughly road tested and are capable of soliciting a rapturous response if dropped at the right time.”

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