33.10.3402 - Untitled (LIES074)

33.10.3402 - Untitled (LIES074)


“Wickedly wigged out radiophonic abstraction, acidic EBM animations and heavy-lidded ambient electronics from Düsseldorf’s Nenad Marković, a key contributor to the rarified Kunstkopf label and affiliate of Salon Des Amateurs.

This is one of three EP’s issued under his 33.10.3402 moniker in quick succession by his sympathetic aesthetes at L.I.E.S.,after a series of low-key but lauded Mechanica 12”s with ESP Institute over the last few annum.

(100 Drone Radio Passive Scape) lends L.I.E.S. its most oblique angle, conjuring a miasmic zone of recursive, greyscale noise and subbass detonations that glance at the swelling field of contemporary noise and concrète practice with a knowing look, as if to say, yeh yeh, and now check this out…

Flip side, he flips into more mutant, zig-zagging industrial action with the dancing gibbering 303 lines and militant bounce of NE Decline A (121 roland mc 303) and lets it all melt away in the deliquescent piano keys and primal electronic growls of O Tom pot S.T., which sounds uncannily alike something from the amazing Rex Ilusivii records on Offen Music.”

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