22.09.17 — Ghostly, Sydney *
23.09.17 — SHADE , Brisbane °
28.09.17 — Untitled, Melbourne * °
29.09.17 — Outer Body & POLYRHYTHMIC, Perth *
30.09.17 — Sugar, Adelaide °

With Daze* With DJ Heure°
Melbourne also featuring Lou Karsh Live.

We are pleased to announce Lobster Theremin will be back down under with the likes of nthng, Asquith and hometown Lobster's Daze and DJ Heure.

Founded in 2013, Jimmy Asquith’s Lobster Theremin label has garnered worldwide attention since its debut release featuring UK’s effervescent young gun, Palms Trax. Holding a relentless drive to unearth and showcase a plethora of artists around the globe, Lobster Theremin shows no signs of slowing down.

Starting out as a humble label, the brand now boasts a diversified roster of talent along with gaining a stronghold in the distribution realm, stocking up record stores around the world with its releases.

Not one to stay content, Lobster Theremin has gone from strength to strength and has given birth to a series of sub-labels such as MörkDistant Hawaii, and more.