Johanna Knutsson


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Sam Lyddy


Johanna Knutsson is undoubtedly one of the finest Swedish artists and DJ's in the electronic music scene. After moving to Berlin in 2008 and making her name as a skilled DJ, she released her first record “Heavy Baby”, featuring a Minilogue remix, on Klasse Recordings in 2011. She has since released a string of well received records on such labels as Crime City Disco and The Free Spirit Society and has also founded the vinyl only cult label Zodiac 44 together with Klasse Recordings head Luca Lozano. Apart from producing music and playing records in and outside Berlin, Johanna Knutsson also hosts Musikguiden, a monthly show in National Swedish Radio. Currently, Johanna is working closely with Hans Berg, releasing their music on their own UFO Station Recordings label.