09.11.18 — Nectar, Sydney
10.11.18 — Garbage, Perth
16.11.18 — Strawberry Fields, Tocumwal
18.11.18 — Le Fag x Plastic Dreams, Melbourne

Growing up in a remote village in the heart of Russia, Inga Mauer listened intensely to early Bunker Records, Cybernetic Broadcasting System (now, Trax, and UR recordings which have set the scene for her uncompromising sound: a mix of blistering atmospheres and dark emotions, flirting with a wide range of genres like Industrial Techno, EBM, and New Wave. The force of Inga is gaining a fast-growing reputation from Den Haag to Berlin, from Cologne to Tel Aviv, and completing a circle of influence as a desired guest on Not only a great DJ, Inga is also a truly restless producer, constantly recording lunatic jams and wild rhythms in a world of no musical mercy – her releases on Shtum and Hivern Discs serving as proof.
Witness the power this December.